Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Guiding Light

You may be familiar with the TV soap opera that is entitled, "The Guiding Light." I couldn't tell you the names of the characters or what it was about, but I did think about "The Guiding Light" this morning when I woke up to do my Bible Study. It was very dark when My eyes opened... all I could see were the 5 little dots of light coming from my DVD player and my home alarm system. Just that little bit of light helped to guide me to the bathroom so I could brush my teeth. Afterwards, trying to be careful not to awaken my mother, I did not turn on any lights as I entered the hallway. It was pitch black dark and I couldn't see a thing... not even the walls that were on either side of me. As I carefully made my way down the hallway, I could begin to see the faint light at the end of the hallway coming from my den. That little bit of light enabled me to make my way through the darkness to get to my destination without stumbling. Isn't it that way with us sometimes? We can't see ourselves out of a situation at first, but when we focus on God instead of the problem, we begin to see a way out. His Light gives us direction, motivation, and hope. Even just little glimmers of His Light, or sensing Him at the end of our tunnel can bring us back the realization of how much we love Him and need Him every step of the way because without Him, we'll stumble and fall. I need The Lord to be my "Guiding Light." I know I don't want to try to do things on my own. I know that I desperately need God in my life. I know that without Jesus as my Savior, I would be truly lost in every sense of the word. What about you? If you feel comfortable doing so, leave a comment about how the Guiding Light of Jesus Christ led you out of a dark period in your life. Your testimony will encourage others! ~Pastor Kay