Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I found a dog Tuesday... or did he find me? I was driving home. Traffic was at a standstill on both sides of Highway 53. As cars moved very slowly, I thought there must have been a wreck. When I arrived at the "scene," instead of being a wreck, there was a huge dog in the middle of the road trying to get someone to open a car door for him. No one else had helped this dog, so of course, I opened my door and let him in. Little did I know what I would experience simply by saving this dog. After unsuccessfully trying to locate the owner, I took the dog home. I put notices on FaceBook, Twitter, and in the local papers. My husband Mike also called the local veterinarians about this lost dog. As the night progressed, Mike and I started talking about keeping the dog if no one claimed him. Mike came up with a name for him: "Prince." The dog was so loving, so happy, so full of joy. He continually licked me in the face and on my hands and arms. Most people would not like that, but I loved it. It was as if he was trying to show me how glad he was that I found him. After I bathed him that night, he continued to give me sweet doggie kisses. It was really wonderful to be loved so deeply. The next morning, I stopped by a veterinary clinic to determine if he had a microchip that would identify his owner. He did. Instead of being glad, I felt a sudden sadness. I realized then that I was really, REALLY hoping to be able to keep this dog. Later that afternoon, the owner picked him up. After the owner took the dog home, I felt such a loss, such a void. As the afternoon went on, I couldn't stop thinking about him and our 24 hours together. When I saw that huge lost dog looking for someone to take him in, I wanted to save him. Then I started thinking... I wanted to save a dog; God desires to save a lost world. I loved it when that dog gave me sweet doggie kisses; God loves it when His children show Him how much we love Him. I experienced a loss when this dog left me; God is saddened when any of His children walk away from Him. Some would say that is it better not to love at all if you end up losing that love. Others would say that it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. I tend to agree with the latter line of thought. I'm glad I rescued this precious, loving animal. I'm glad that he was in my life, even if just for one day. Time spent with him reminded me that our Lord desires all to be saved and is overjoyed when even one who was lost comes to know and love Him. There is NO LOVE that compares to the Father's love for us... Absolutely none. I haven't mentioned the dog's name. The owner told me his name is PRINCE. I smile at the "coincidence" that the name we were thinking of giving him was actually his real name. It is a common name, though, if you think about it... each of us who is saved is a son or daughter of the Most High King which makes each of us a "Prince" or "Princess." I'll be praying that your master will always unconditionally love you and meet all your needs, Prince. I'm so very thankful that I can say My Master does that for me. ~Kay Dillard