Sunday, June 8, 2014

Life is Full of Important Choices

I love to fish... but I'm not very good at it. There are different kinds of bait to use depending on what you want to catch, different times and different weather conditions to consider, and different fishing rod configurations.  Decisions, decisions! My daughter knows we like to fish, so one day she gave us a t-shirt that had a picture of many fishing poles on it.  Under the fishing poles was the caption, "Life is Full of Important Choices." Recently, I ran across that t-shirt in my closet and thought about the message.  The maker of the shirt was implying that which fishing rod you choose to use is one of the MOST IMPORTANT choices that you have to make.  I started thinking about the choices in life and which ones are truly important.

Every person is different, so there is not a specific number of daily decisions that applies to everyone, but Time Magazine puts the number in the thousands. There are highly important life decisions, such as those to get married, have children, move, make a major purchase, go to college, etc.  There are major decisions that though they are not life altering, they do affect the outcome of a person's day, such as the choice to get out of bed, bathe, eat, go to work or school, etc.  Also, there are choices that are so minor that the person making them may not even be consciously aware that he or she is making them.
The most important choice we make is whether or not we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, however that is only the first of many important choices with which we are faced daily.  Here are some examples:
*Do we love our children only if they obey us or do we love them unconditionally?
*Do we hold grudges or do we forgive others seventy times seven?
*Do we love our neighbors as ourselves?
*Do we consider God'sWill for our lives when contemplating where we work, live, and fellowship with other believers to worship Him?
*Do we love The Lord our God with all our heart, all our mind, all our soul, and all our strength?

I dare say that these choices are so much more important than which fishing pole to use, which car to drive, which hair style to have, or which dessert to eat.

Remember the words of Paul to the church of Thessalonica:  "God chose you to be saved through the sanctifying work of the Spirit and through belief in the truth."  Hmmmm, God chose us... shouldn't we choose to accept His love, love Him back, and live according to His Will?

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