Thursday, August 22, 2013

God-moments at the Movies

Don't you love those moments where God speaks to you when you least expect it? It happened to me just a few days before the kids started back to school -- we were watching a movie together, taking advantage of those dwindling nights without an early bedtime! I had redboxed (I hear that's the cool new term) the movie "Life of Pi," expecting it to be a family friendly, feel-good story. Secretly, I wondered how much I would enjoy 2 hours of a boy and a tiger on a boat! Little was I prepared for what I would experience. Not only was the movie visually beautiful, but it brilliantly set the stage for some deep exploration of faith. The Holy Spirit quickened me to research the popular response to the movie, and I was blown away by the comments that viewers were making about the movie. I wanted to jump into my computer screen and preach to them!! The response to "Life of Pi" exposed where many in this generation stand when it comes to matters of faith. We must enter the debate. We have to be willing to join the conversation. It is vital that we realize we have ALL of life's answers in Christ, and that our society desperately needs answers! Thus, "Finding God at the Movies" -- our new Wednesday night series -- was solidified in my spirit as our fall Bible study! And, boy, am I excited about it!! After our first couple of studies, I am so thankful for the input and excitement; there is a real buzz about Wednesday nights! So, if you love movies -- and love when the movies prompt God-moments -- come visit us on Wednesday nights at 7 PM all this fall! Starting in September: "Les Miserables" -- I can't wait!

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